Building a Better California

California must lead the way to a better, stronger future

Now, more than ever, California must set the best possible example of success for our entire country. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work to expand our economy, grow the number of good-paying jobs, fight to provide universal healthcare to our people and affordable higher education for our students. Our values and diversity drive our economy forward, and truly make California the state leading our nation into the future. We must continue to pursue policies which grow our economy - while ensuring that it works better for everyone, not just those at the top. We must also continue to move forward in addressing climate change and protecting our environment. In advancing these important issues, we will be best able to protect the values that underpin our great state.


The Issues


Grow California's Role on the World Stage

As a former United States Ambassador, I will help make sure that California’s voice is heard on the world stage. Although the Trump Administration says it is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords - an agreement which was largely crafted by the Obama Administration - California is standing strong and remaining in full compliance with the Paris agreement.

From our dedication to fighting climate change, to our leadership in innovation and technology, California has a more important role to play than ever. Our ethnic diversity grants us a bully pulpit to speak out on important issues, including calling for the immediate recognition of the Armenian genocide, an issue which has been important for me for decades as a proud Greek American.