January 3, 2018 - Statement by Lt. Governor Candidate, Eleni Kounalakis, on ICE Director’s Threats against California Immigration Policy



Fresno, CA - Today,  Eleni Kounalakis, Democratic candidate and a frontrunner in the race for  Lt. Governor, responded to threatening comments made by Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan. In an interview with Fox News, Homan stated, “California ‘better hold on tight’” after new sanctuary laws went into effect on January 1. 

“I am deeply concerned about the comments Acting Director Homan made about California. I am proud of the steps Governor Brown and the state legislature have taken to ensure the safety of undocumented immigrants in California. We are a nation of immigrants made stronger by people who come to this country to make a better life for their families. As the daughter of an immigrant father who started out as a farmworker, this is personal to me. We have to protect these hardworking families from cruel fear-based policies that do not make us safer. We need better pathways to citizenship for farmworkers, like the Blue Card bill sponsored by Senators Feinstein and Harris. Congress must approve DACA as soon as possible. As Lt. Governor, I will continue fighting for the rights of all Californians, particularly those who are most vulnerable.”

Kounalakis is spending the day in Fresno meeting with the leadership of Centro La Familia, an organization dedicated to providing resources to low income families. She toured a low income housing complex to see first-hand the impact of the housing crisis on low-income and immigrant families in the Central Valley. She also spoke with the director of the Fresno chapter of the ACLU, and will meet with the Fresno County Democratic Club and the Fresno Democratic County Central Committee. This is Kounalakis’ 4th trip to Fresno since she launched her campaign in April 2017.

press releaseAmy Zock